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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday haul!!

Last Saturday, I went to North Star mall to find a Christmas gift for my uncle since my family pulls names for people in our family to get a gift for $50 for the limit. So, didn't find any luck at the mall but I B2M'ed for three things since I've been saving 18 of my empties for a while and finally got the chance to get some itmes that I've been wanting:

Ever So Rich Cremesheen glass, backup of She-Zam dazzleglass and Ricepaper eyeshadow.

Ever So Rich: I've been eyeing on this cremesheen glass for a long time since Creme Team came out back in February and finally got my hands on it! I love how it looks on my lips and would've been the perfect combo with Lavender Whip lipstick if I ever find it.

She-Zam: I love how it looks in the tube. I ordered it online last month and fell in love with it! I had to get a backup of it in case I use my first tube but I'm too scared to use it since it looks gorgeous!! Jingle Jangle has been used a lot lately and glad that I ordered a backup of it or else I would be completely crushed.

Ricepaper: While I've been hearing so many raves about Ricepaper, I've been wanting to get it for awhile since it will make a great highlight for any looks. I haven't touched it yet and will give it a try sometime. It's such a gorgeous color!

Now, this is the first time that I'm posting something else besides makeup. My mom bought me the Steve Madden suede black boots for $69.99 at Macy's since they were having the boots sale! I'm so glad that I got them since I've been wanting some boots for the winter to keep me warm. So, here are the pics of my boots:

Here's the pic of the shoe box. I love the design!

Here are the boots! Cute huh? Will so get a grey version of it if I ever do find them again.

So, this was the haul that I was supposed to post on Saturday and forgot about it! I'm hoping to remember to post my hauls on time from now on!

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Anonymous said...

Nice haul! Be careful with Ricepaper. Too much on dark skin can look bad and very unnatural, so apply with a light hand. lol

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