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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Skincare 101: Oily Type Skin

If your skin is shiny and greasy and prone to break out into acne quite often and even comfortable with frequent soap-water washes, then it is sure that you have oily skin. Large pores are the important feature of oily skin. After each wash the skin feels refreshed and by the midday it even looks shiny. But the texture of the skin seems to be coarse and thick too. The most important feature about oily skin is that it often breaks out into spots.

Oily Skin Care

This is kind of skin is oil-rich and prone to pimples, spots and even blackheads. The oil balance in this skin can go awry at times because of various reasons, related to stress, heredity factors or hormonal imbalance. Oily skin usually shows up at puberty when the oil level shoots up due to hormonal changes. Initially, the acne on this kind of skin can be treated as ‘adolescent acne’, but if it persists decades after adolescence, then its time to try and restore the skin’s hydrolipidic (water and oil) balance.

For this type of skin, the conservative home treatment of soap and water washes several times a day goes a long way in keeping acne in check. This is sure to remove the dirt and oil which is supposed to be clogging in the large pores. But these are removed without stripping away the moisture from the skin. Anti-bacterial, antiseptic neem soap, with the right pH balance, is good for this kind of skin. Even after wiping your make-up off with cleanser, a soap and water wash is a must. This is to clean the pores thoroughly and open them. This procedure is followed by the application of astringent. For this the clean cotton should be taken and the astringent lotion is to be applied and just sweep the akin with it to feel the difference. You will surely feel refreshed and cooled up. Instead of soap washes a face wash for oily skin could be used so that the skin does not get oilier and it would become clean.

However the soap-water washes give only temporary relief as they clean, but don’t reach right inside the follicles from where the oil is waiting to gush out. So the next step would be the use of clay/mud pack once or twice a week.

For the pack for oily skin, make a paste of Fuller’s earth and kaolin or witch hazel. Contrary to popular belief, using rose water does not really help; you can use ordinary water for as good results. Apply the paste on the face, wait till it dries completely and then wash off.

The problem with oily skin is that it often gets dehydrated; moisture gets removed from it, with the constant efforts at removing oil. Frequent soap and water washes dehydrate the skin and, with oily skin, you need to work at restoring moisture to the skin. Many people would think the other way round as not to use any kind of moisturizer, but it is very important and always choose a light and watery fluid which is considered to be sufficient for the skin. Oil-free moisturizers help restore the balance. Massage well into your face and let it absorb well, later use a tissue paper to remove the excess moisturizer thus preventing shine. Many cleansers claim to be oil-free, but usually have some traces of oil in them because finally, it’s oil that removes make-up. So avoid this product completely but could damage your skin.

Vitamin A capsules help control oil production to a certain extent. It is important for those with this skin type to have an oil-free diet with lots of vegetables and water and to move their bowels regularly. A clean gut leads to a clearer skin.

The medical treatment for oily skin consists of systemic and topical medicines and multi-vitamins with minerals specific to this skin type. Recent studied show that the natural product, evening primrose oil is proved to have beneficial effects of the skin. Daily about 500mg to 1000mg of this oil could be used. It is known to improve the softness of the skin and helps in retaining the moisture content even while clearing it of acne.


1. Steaming the face is proved to be a clinical treatment for oily skin.
2. Black heads are to be removed after steaming as it loosens the blockages and also open the pores. Thus the dirt does not clog to result in forming pimples.
3. Then the skin has to be moistened with medicated gel.
4. The high frequency skin treatment is to be done to dry the skin and it also controls and kills the existing bacteria.
5. After this treatment a suitable face mask has to be applied.
6. If the skin still feels greasy, a degreasing procedure is adopted.
7. Cleanse the skin just two or three times daily. Washing more than twice or thrice will only result in stripping the skin off the oils and it would stimulate the oil glands to replace it.

ACNE - problem for people having oily skin
Acne is known to be a major problem which is enquired by most of them having oily skin. Acne could be defined as a chronic inflammatory disorder that occurs in the adolescent as well as the adult.

The acne prone skin is thin and coarse having flared pores. Acne is caused by external factors such as lack of personal hygiene, pressure or friction through restrictive clothing and comedogenic creams and cosmetics. Internal factors include genetic vulnerability, hormonal stress, a poor diet and certain drugs.

Acne Treatment
1. Avoiding fried and junk foods such as whole milk, butter, cream, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, rich salad dressing, cocoa, nuts, sweets and fatty meats. It is considered to be a life long diet.
2. Eat foods rich in water, fresh fruits, lean meats, chicken, cereals, whole grains, boiled fish and complex carbohydrates. This will help in regulating the bowel movements.
3. Include Vitamin A and zinc capsules as a diet supplement.
4. The spots could be hidden by make up which covers and camouflages them.

DO’s AND DON’Ts for Oily Skin

1. Make sure that the hands are clean when you touch your face. Special care has to be taken when touching the spotty areas.
2. Always use an oil-free or water based product for cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
3. Use the face packs on regular basis.
4. Exercise regularly.
5. Try to reduce stress in your life.
6. Stick to a diet rich in vegetables, salads and whole grains.


1. Touch or squeeze spots.
2. Ever go to bed with make-up on.

There are several home remedies known for the oily skin. The most important fact is to clean the face as often as possible so that the excess oil which is present is just left out and is wiped. Before going to bed always make it a habit to clean your face. For this you can use excellent quality cleansing milk or even unboiled milk. Limit the intake of greasy foods and also include almost eight glasses of water per day. For making your skin clear and clean, steaming is the chosen option as it opens up the pores and face-pack is followed after steaming. This would surely enhance the appearance. There are several home remedies which are known to act as face packs.

1. Apply tomato puree to the skin.
2. Make paste out of half teaspoon honey and egg white and one teaspoon lemon juice. To this paste add either brewer’s yeast or fuller’s earth powder. Apply over the face and wash it with water after twenty minutes.
3. Prepare a batter of one egg white, one teaspoon camphor, one heaping tablespoon of skim milk powder and a drop of essential oil of mint. Keep this mixture aside. Primarily apply a coat of odorless castor oil to the skin and then it has to be followed by a thick layer of the egg white mask. Remain the same for fifteen minutes and then wash it with warm water and then rinse it with apple cider vinegar and water solution or even with hazel.
4. Apply the mixture of one tablespoon of yoghurt to fuller’s earth. Yoghurt is considered to be of great use as it softens the skin and also help to regain the natural acid mantle.
5. Make a paste out of lemon juice and little milk to oatmeal. Apply it and keep for twenty minutes and wash it with water. But see to it that there are no eruptions as lemon juice could produce some irritation.
6. For the oily skin, the best is to use clay mask.
7. Papaya is considered to be a boon for the oily skin as the application of the pulp over the skin is proved to have wonderful effects on the skin. It is considered to have wonderful properties of cleansing action, softening dead skin cells and their removal.

This is an awesome stuff about Oily skin since I too am Oily. I'm going to try out the tips to keep the shine off of my face after a few hours! Also, for the oily skin girls out there such as myself, hopefully this topic helps you out!

Credit: Ultimate Cosmetics

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Leah ♥ on May 19, 2010 at 11:39 AM said...

Great post! I have super oily skin and I could def benefit from this info. Thanks love!

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