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Thursday, April 12, 2012

MAC PRO Palettes!

Launch Date: July 15th 2012 (US/Canada) July 2012 (International)

Palettes $18.00(USD)/ $21.50(CAD)
Pro Palette Large/ Single
Pro Palette Large/ Duo

Inserts $9.00(USD)/ $11.00(CAD)
Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15
Pro Palette Blush x6
Pro Palette Customize x12 (PRO ONLY)
Pro Palette Customize x24 (PRO ONLY)

I will update this post once I find more info about this. I'm going to buy a couple more MAC eyeshadow palettes and three blush palettes before they change them.

Credit: Specktra and LMD84

1 comments on "MAC PRO Palettes!"

Anonymous said...

They're not going to have clear lids. Just a new inside as well as lip palette inserts so you can store cream products in the wells and pop the dividers out.

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