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Saturday, January 11, 2014

MAC Magnetic Nude Collection Haul!

MAC Magnetic Nude collection launched on December 26th online and in stores. Same like Punk Couture, it launched on Nordstrom first and MAC was the last website to launch the collection online. This collection consist of 3 Extra Dimension Skinfinishes, 3 Extra Dimension Blushes, 5 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, 4 Lipsticks, 4 Lipglasses, 3 Fluidlines, Opulash Mascara, 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush and 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush. I was excited for this collection and the Extra Dimension formula is amazing plus this collection is for anyone who loves nudes and anything Extra Dimension. I already own Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Sweet Heat Extra Dimension Eyeshadow and A Natural Flirt Extra Dimension Eyeshadow. Here are my thoughts on what I got from Magnetic Nude below:

Morning Rose: It is described as a soft cool rose and it's a Cremesheen finish. Morning Rose is an amazing color and I have not loved a lipstick like this in a very long time! The color made my lips looks amazing and I have heard that Syrup is similar to Morning Rose but sadly I do not own Syrup but if I plan to B2M for it and compare it, I will do it. This is the perfect color to use for everyday and for any skintone!

Close Contact: It is described as a creamy peach and it's a Amplified finish. This color is very pretty and this was a last minute purchase since I wanted to try Close Contact out to see what it would look like on my skintone. It may be a pale lipstick but was thinking of a lip liner that would make Close Contact look amazing on my skintone. When I swatched it, it was definitely creamy and pigmented!

Silver Dawn: It is described as a dirty grey mauve. To me it looks more of a dirty grey taupe than mavue and Silver Dawn is a gorgeous color! I'm a sucker for taupe shades and this one is what I really wanted to have. The pigmentation is amazingly and it swatched so smoothly. No Extra Dimension Eyeshadow has ever failed me on application as well as pigmentation. I have yet to try out Silver Dawn and will one of these days.

Pleasure Model: It is described as a soft terracotta with pearl. I must say that Pleasure Model is such a gorgeous color! I do not own any blush in that color like it in my stash. This is a must have blush to have in your stash! The pigmentation is so amazing and not once I did feel a waxy texture like last year's Extra Dimension Blushes. When worn on the cheeks, it gave me a nice natural glow and this would be a great everyday blush!

Autoerotique: It is described as a dirty coral rose. Autoerotique is so gorgeous that I feel in love with it after I applied it on my cheeks mixed with Pleasure Model. The pigmentation was amazing and just like Pleasure Model not once I felt a waxy texture like last year's Extra Dimension blushes. I love how it looks on my cheeks and plus this blush is a must-have!

Magnetic Appeal: It is described as a medium tan with fine gold sheen. I am in love with Magnetic Appeal! It is a gorgeous color and it is nothing like Glorify and the bronze side of Double Definition nor comparable to them. The color's pigmentation is out of this world and I just love the sheen that it has and today I used it with Lavish Living Mineralize Blush and NARS Mata Hari Blush and loved out they turned out!

Fairly Precious: It is described as a peach with dimensional pearly sheen. Another gorgeous Extra Dimension Skinfinish that I love! Fairly Precious blew me away after using it with Peachtwist Blush! It didn't make me look ashy on my skintone and it should work with darker skintones. I was so tempted to order a backup but I told myself that I will not do it since I plan on using this sparingly.

Here are swatches below and included Sweet Heat, A Natural Flirt and Superb.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! What did you get from Magnetic Nude?

2 comments on "MAC Magnetic Nude Collection Haul!"

Jessica on January 11, 2014 at 9:10 PM said...

OMG!!! This collection is so pretty. I usually prefer nude colors for they are light ans so natural on skin. I will def check on this collection to see it personally.

Shelley Polarbelle on January 20, 2014 at 3:38 AM said...

Those are such awesome colors for you!!! Wow!

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