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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Haul!

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection launched online on May 15th and in stores on May 22nd. This collection consist of 5 lipsticks, 5 lipglasses, 2 Extra Dimension Blushes, 2 Extra Dimension Bronzers, 2 Bronzers, 6 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, 2 Lip Pencils, 2 Pearlglide Intesnse Liners, 3 Nail Laquers, 127 Split Duo Fibre Face Brush and 233 Split Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush in the aqua blue packaging with water droplets. The packaging is TDF!!!! It is the most gorgeous packaging that I have ever laid my eyes on! I pre ordered some items from the collection and I am in love with every single item! When the collection launched online, everything was sold out so quickly! MAC even did a restock and will possibly do another one soon. So here are my thoughts on the items below:

Goddess of the Sea Lipstick: It is decribed as a dark vibrant violet and it's a Cremesheen finish. Goddess of the Sea is the most gorgeous lipstick that I have ever seen! The color is so amazing that I tried it on my lips with Clear Water Lipglass a while ago and let me tell you. They are so gorgeous together that it creates a whole different meaning of doing lip combos! Goddess of the Sea applied semi-opaque and was able to build the color to make it opaque. Also, it made my lips look glossy and would recommend Magenta lip liner to intensify it.

Clear Water Lipglass: it is described as a sheer nude with multidimensional pearl. Anything with multidimensional pearl is what I can never resist. Clear Water is one gorgeous lipglass ever! When I compared it with Impossibly Sweet Lipglass, they were nowhere near identical because Impossibly Sweet is darker while Clear Water is lighter almost to being a beige nude shade. I love how it was swatched and applied on the lips with Goddess of the Sea lipstick. Clear Water lipglass is a must have and I recommend calling around the MAC stores/counters to see if they have any in stock.

Lorelei Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: It is described as a golden beige. Lorelei is a gorgeous color and I love how pigmented it is! It's one of those shades that you want to use on your lid, outer corner highlight and on the tear duct. Lorelei reminds me of Sweet Heat but a darker version of it and more golden. I have yet to try it out and will do it soon to see how it looks.

Fathoms Deep Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: It is described as a deep blue. Fathoms Deep is one gorgeous color!! At first I wasn't going to get it but when I saw swatches of the color, it really convinced me to purchase it. The color also had a hint of violet in which I really like! This would make a great crease color with violet and blue shades.

Silver Sun Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: It is described as a mid tone dirty sea foam green. Silver Sun is the most gorgeous color ever to own! I was excited to see the color in person to see what people were raving about. Silver Sun is a must have color for the summer to pair it with any dark greens, blues and tarnished olive/gold shades. I also love how it pigmented it was and cannot wait to experiment with it soon!

Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush: It is described as a beige pink. To me Sea Me, Hear Me doesn't look like a beige pink but more of a peachy pink shade. It is a very pretty blush and what's really amazing about it is that the pigmentation is just perfect! No chalkiness and no sheerness at all! I will be using this blush tomorrow to see how it would look with Peaches and Glorify Extra Dimension Skinfinish.

Seduced At Sea Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: It is described as a mid tone neutral plum. Another pretty blush to say that it is worth having in your makeup stash! The pigmentation is amazing, did not have any sheerness/chalkiness and I cannot get enough of how pretty it is! I cannot wait to try it on my cheeks to see how it would look on my skintone.

Here are the swatches below:

L-R: Goddess of the Sea l/s, Clear Water l/g, Lorelei EDES, Fathoms Deep EDES, Silver Sun EDES, Sea Me, Hear Me ED Blush, Seduced At Sea ED Blush

Hope you all enjoyed this post! What did you get from Alluring Aquatic Collection?

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